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The world of Torsion-Fields

Torsion fields are generated by spin and/or by angular momentum; any object or particle that spins produces torsion waves and possesses its own unique torsion field. According to some, torsion waves are the missing link in the search for a final “theory of everything (TOE),” a unified field theory, or GUT (grand unified theory).

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Do not limitate yourself

The goal of this article is to draw people’s attention to a dangerous psychological mechanism of adaptation to more than real ecological threat and to discuss concepts of human protection from the negative influence of most radio- and electrical devices, systems, machines etc. The number of PC, cell phones users is steadily growing. Especially

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Care of your health

A greater number of people in the present-day world begins to care of their health. And as we live in age of high technologies and technical progress, interest to the question about technogenetics factors influencing on a human health grows up. One of the technogenetics factors, influencing on a man health, is the wide

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