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Project Description



Area of ​​application: For harmonizing rooms with up to approx. 100m²

Novis Room is the perfect travel companion, which covers entire rooms of up to 100m² against the negative effects of torsion (information)
Protects component of electromagnetic radiation.

Application: Place Novis Room in a central location in the room.

Information: The device does not interfere with the operation of electronic devices. The warranty period for Novis products is the statutory 2 years.


Der perfekte Reisebegleiter zur Anwendung in Räumen. Schützt vor den negativen Einwirkungen welche durch linksdrehende Torsionsfelder entstehen.


A room that is harmonized with the help of NOVIS ROOM is freed from negative left-hand torsion fields. Biological organisms such as humans and animals can thus be protected from the negative influences of the left-hand torsion fields, which are emitted, for example, by cell phones, WiFi routers or television sets. Masts that emit 5G (radio radiation) or WiFi radiation create left-turning torsion fields that have a negative impact on people. These are prevented as well as geopathogenic zones.