Torsion fields and their suppression

Torsion fields and their interference suppression

A long known but unnoticed part of our reality

Prof. Dr. Anatolii Pavlenko is Professor at the International University of Human Development in Kiev. He previously worked for 25 years at the University of Kiev in the Polytechnic. He was chairman of the faculty heads working there and developed equipment for the protection of humans and animals together with many local scientists.
Prof. Dr. Pavlenko received his doctorate at the University of Moscow and already conducted research in Russia together with renowned colleagues in the field of bio-energy technology, the results of which were later transferred to the world. He continued his research in the Ukraine and has dedicated himself to this with heart and soul to this day. He is also head of the International Academy for Bio-Energy Technology in Ukraine.

Prof. Dr. Pavlenko is the inventor of many protective devices to protect humans and animals from the negative effects of left-turning torsion fields. This includes also the negative effects which are caused by devices like WiFi devices, mobile phones, TV sets, mobile phones, mobile terminals or the 5G technology.

The development of his protective devices culminated in the development of the NOVIS device series, which has been available on the European market for 2 years and is already used by many therapists and professionals.

He lectures worldwide on the topics of geopathogenic zones, CFIDS “”, 5G and torsion fields and regularly leads conferences on this topic on 4 continents.

Torsion fields – what they are, how they are created and what influence they have on biological organisms.

If you are looking for the topic of torsion fields, you will quickly lose yourself in a multitude of scientific readings, which have been written on this topic for centuries. Many lives of passionate scientists around the globe have been spent to lift the veil of its effective range, and yet we have only been allowed to catch a glimpse into this infinite world.

Franz Anton Mesmer

Already in 1766 the German physician Franz Anton Mesmer wrote his doctoral thesis “De planetarium influxu. Dissertatio physico-medica” – “On the Influence of the Planets”, which was sold at Christie’s auction house in New York for $13,800 at the end of the 1990s and already dealt in principle with torsion fields emanating from biological organisms such as animals and humans. The medical aspects of the influences are also already mentioned here, even if the term “torsion fields” is not yet used.

Herr von Reichenbach

Born in Stuttgart in 1788, Herr von Reichenbach, who was nicknamed the “Wizard of Cobenzl” in Vienna because of his experiments conducted in the castle, researched an all-pervading polar force for the doctrine of Odle.

After his doctorate, Mr. von Reichenbach worked on inventions in a tar factory and discovered, among other things, the synthesis of the first commercially produced dye.

His research focused on the life force Od/ Oddo (from Odin). He showed in thousands of experiments with hundreds of people that there are particularly sensitive people who perceive fields more strongly. He called these highly sensitive people Sensitive.

He also described in detail how radiation surrounds the human body, reaching from the head to the toes and permanently passing through the body. In his writings he described what we know today as the aura and has been an integral part of thousands of ancient cultures for many centuries.

In some of his experimental experiments, Mr. von Reichenbach arrives at results which point to a force of nature, which e.g. emanates from the earth, the sun and the moon. He also describes an interaction of these forces. These interactions are associated with the “Od-Energy”.

Crook’s radiometer

These interactions in connection with daylight could also be proven by the physicist Nikolai Pavlovich Myshkin with the help of the so-called Crook’s radiometer (also called light mill). Based on measurements of the rotational movements of the Crook’s radiometer over many years, periodic abnormalities could be observed. These could be associated with astronomical events. This happened about 50 years after von Reichenbach in Saint Petersburg (Russia), hundreds of kilometres away. The knowledge gained by Myshkin here also implied the influence of the direction of rotation, the discovered phenomenon. For example, the light mill rotated counterclockwise when absorbing radiant energy and clockwise when emitting the energy.

Albert Einstein turned the world of mechanics and its concepts and views upside down at the beginning of the 20th century. In the process, the views regarding Newton’s “ether theory” changed to the idea and concept of the “physical vacuum”.

Here the history of the torsion fields begins anew.

Èlie Cartan

1922 saw the expansion of the general theory of relativity according to Èlie Cartan. Cartan supplemented the general theory of relativity with rotating fields of matter. The French mathematician assumed that Einstein’s space-time curvature was accompanied by a so-called “torsion”. This term is used to describe the rotation (rotational movement) of a body or field. Cartan developed a theory of gravitation that included torsion, but in 1922 the electron spin was not yet known and Cartan’s theory was not well received. In general, the torsion field theories derived from Einstein-Cartan theory assumed that the torsion field was static, did not propagate and was far too weak to produce observable effects.

In the years after the 2nd World War, experiments by the Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Alexandrowitsch Kosyrew were continued. This happened for example in the universities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. From the work of Kozyrev, the theory of time emerges, which postulates that time is an energy that propagates through a rotational movement and can be transferred to another system.

When the Russian scientist Gennady Shipov received his doctorate in 1967 at the University of Moscow under the supervision of L. V. Keldysh (the director of the Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences), he undertook investigations using techniques from the Feynman diagram. In doing so he encountered the problem of divergences in quantum electrodynamics, which Dirac and Feynman and some other theorists considered to be one of the main problems of modern field theory.

This was the beginning of his work which led to the basic work “A Theory of Physical Vacuum. A New Paradigm” by Mr. Shipov, which for the first time deduced torsion fields in their origin. In later works, which Mr. Shipov published together with the scientist Anatoly Akimov, the torsion fields became known for the first time and have since become part of international institutions. From independent gravitational fields fundamental research showed that these fields are fundamentally different from the classical electromagnetic and gravitational fields.

Research and development picked up speed with the publications and not only the Soviet Union provided tens of millions of dollars to explore the possibilities of this promising new field.

Of course, the Soviet Union initially had a military interest in developing a new form of communication. However, Russian torsion field research with various torsion field generators also led to the “microlepton theory”, which is used in connection with torsion field research and applied in oil, ore, metal and gemstone mining.

Prof. Dr. Anatolii Pavlenko was already here at the University of Moscow in charge of basic research and the further development of existing trosion field generators, as well as the development of protective devices.

In addition to mainstream torsion field research, the so-called “Einstein-Cartan-Sciama-Kibble Theory”, a number of physicists have also worked on Shipov’s Russian torsion field theory. Among them are Robert Kiehn, Richard Hammond, Myron Evans, Paul A. Murad and the American physicist Jack Sarfatti.

After the break-up of the Soviet Union, Prof. Dr. Anatolii Pavlenko continued his research at the University of Kiev and is still one of the leading scientists still alive today in the field of torsion fields, actively developing highly effective devices.

So much for the history of torsion fields.


But what are torsion fields?

According to Shipov we can imagine our reality on seven levels. The first four (solids, liquids, gases and elementary particles) are known to modern science. The fourth level, the level of elementary particles, is born from the fifth level (level of the physical vacuum). In the search for the absolute origin, however, it turns out that this is not the end. So there are two more planes. The highest of all levels is the absolute nothing, which cannot be described, because it does not exist. But out of the absolute nothing the sixth level is born, the level of the primary torsion fields, which find their origin in the torsion of space. Thus the torsional motion of space forms the primary torsion fields. These fields precede the creation of matter and are the tools by which matter is born from the vacuum, that is, from the void. These fields thus carry information.

At the micro level, our body consists of a myriad of gyroscopes in the form of elementary particles, which form various structures of vortices and rotate around an atom in the void. Our consciousness is ultimately also a system of rotating particles that make up the brain. Our society can be seen as a group of individuals who rotate under the sun in their search for a better life. We stand together on a planet that revolves around the sun. The solar system revolves around our galaxy. The galaxy around the universe and the universe around space. And everything creates a torsion field of its own. Torsion fields surround and penetrate us always and everywhere in different intensities and carry information. And so does the ever-rotating space.

The unimaginable possibilities opened up by this still largely unexplored world are due to the realization that these fields carry information faster than light, which is why Russian astrophysicists can determine the exact location of planets in the solar system, even though the light of the system has not yet reached us. Thus, a celestial atlas has been compiled with the torsional field intensities of stars, astronomical objects and celestial regions.

It is easy to get lost here in the theoretical elaborations of many publications. There are over 150,000 works on this subject in Russian alone.

It also explains the historical development of this knowledge, since all its involved explanatory approaches were necessary in their consequence.

But in our thirst for knowledge as a globalized world community, we do not seem to be the first advanced civilization to recognize this reality behind the perceivable. This knowledge is already present in ancient cultures. They describe or refer to the basic principles of torsion fields.

This is because in graphical representations of detected torsion fields of different subjects, for example in representations of spherical cones, which resemble the Yin/Yang principle in a two-dimensional representation, the result is a very clear picture.

In a representation of the same spherical cone one clearly sees the representation of the principle of Atyantabhava/ Anyonyabhava of the Vedas.

The description of the structure of the torsion fields also corresponds to the Hunab-Ku from the Aztec Ometecuhtli.

Examples of this kind can be continued endlessly and we come across more and more fascinating findings. This knowledge remained hidden to the “western world” for the longest time, although scientists like Viktor Schauberger also described the peculiarities of torsional movements, even he apparently did not know about their existence. For example, the so-called bio-turbine is built according to the law of blood circulation. Spindles measured in such a structure resemble the natural double spiral movement and are already described in the same way in the first notes on torsion fields.

To date, there is still no unit of measurement with which we can measure the intensity of torsion fields. However, there are already detectors that indicate the presence or absence of a torsion field. For example tungsten filament detector. A tungsten filament acts as a current carrying conductor. Under the influence of a torsion field an ohmic resistance changes. In addition, other devices have been developed which have been proven to work, such as the Smirnov detector.

 However, torsion fields can also be generated.

 In our everyday life we are surrounded by artificial torsion field generators such as mobile phones, WiFi routers, radio and transmission masts of mobile phone providers, microwaves, electric motors, televisions, mobile terminals of all kinds and many other devices. Due to our technological progress, the number of these devices is also constantly increasing. The expansion of the 5G network, Smartmeter, Alexa and a never ending number of technical innovations with dubious benefits for us as individuals and as a society.

Buildings of a certain type, such as wind generators, also generate a torsion field. The only problem is that these devices and buildings generate left-turning torsion fields and these have a negative effect on our body and mind.

 The consequence of this influence differs among the people on whom these fields have an influence. There are people who are not consciously aware of the influence but who also have to struggle with the physical and psychological long-term consequences. They do not trace the symptoms back to the actual cause, but look for the reason for their illness in other causes. Particularly sensitive people, on the other hand, consciously perceive the effect of these left-turning torsion fields much more intensely and quickly, which gives them the possibility to trace the cause of a certain ailment back to the factors described above.

Prof. Dr. Anatolii Pavlenko dedicated his life to the study of torsional fields. In the course of his thousands of experiments, he built a large number of torsional field generators which generate clockwise rotating torsional fields or neutralize a large number of anticlockwise rotating torsional fields at one point. Among them were optimized versions of the Akimov generator, generators via spirally wound glass fiber/crossed generators to Zamsha/ Shkatov and via crossed light beams to Balck. With the further development of the generators over the years, they became smaller, handier and more user-friendly.

His further developments culminated in the NOVIS series of devices.

Sensitive people notice how, under the regulation of clockwise torsion fields, an increased state of relaxation immediately occurs. Others notice the absence of a previously existing suffering. Since the influence of torsion fields on humans and animals happens in so many ways, the effects and observations are also noticeable in different ways. But this is also dependent on the influence of left-torsion fields under which people find themselves in their everyday life. Geographical and topographical conditions can also generate a left-turning torsion field or intensify artificial left-turning torsion fields. Fault lines in geopathic zones can also lead to left-turning torsion fields. When various factors come together, serious threats to the physical and mental health of humans and animals arise.

 In constructions such as transmission towers, wind generators and some other electrical constructions at a site with geodynamic or microgeodynamic zones in a state of expansion (when water circulates through these zones), the left-turning torsional field extends through the system of geodynamic zones over distances of several tens of kilometres. This was shown by a study conducted by the French Prosantel Association, SARL Tellus and the Institute under the direction of Prof. Dr. Anatolii Pavlenko.

 The harmonization and polarization of existing fields also showed corresponding success in clinical studies.

The protection provided by NOVIS

Based on his research, Prof. Dr. Pavlenko and his team have developed a technique with which he is able to charge metallic and dielectric objects with virtual electrons and positrons in order to provide proof of their existence. The devices created in this process act through the charge as a protective mechanism which positively influences the torsion field of humans, animals and plants. Negative left-turning torsion fields thus become positive right-turning fields.

Scientific Study of the University of Ukraine in Kiev in 2008″

In a scientific study conducted by the University of Ukraine, the clear effect of NOVIS on the immune system was proven by 15 measured immunological indicators. The study also provided evidence of reduced fatigue, increased work capacity and clear evidence of indicators of granulocytes and lymphocytes in the blood.

As the graph shows, the NOVIS test group had significant increases such as 25% more T lymphocytes,

4% more B-lymphocytes, 3% more granulocytes and also a considerable improvement in the number of leukocytes. This clear result is due to the positive effect of NOVIS. The result shown here explains a number of the positive effects reported by users. A stronger immune system makes a lasting contribution to the improvement of general well-being.

The protective devices developed by Prof. Dr. Pavlenko have been designed for the different situations of modern man in such a way that they can be easily integrated into our everyday life and thus become an integral part of our everyday life without restricting us.

So there are many other reports of experiences that have proven the positive effect of NOVIS in its history, which are told for example by farmers and their dairy cows or mothers and their children. But also therapists and physicians could already convince themselves of the success of Prof. Dr. Pavlenko.

NOVIS Mobil was developed for mobile devices such as laptops, mobile phones/ smartphones or tablet PCs. Mobile phones are devices with which we expose our organism to a left-turning torsion field for almost the entire day, since we always carry such a device with us and are often already dependent on it in modern life.

On the basis of a hologram created with laser technology, the arrangement of the virtual particles is arranged in such a way that a constant clockwise torsion field is permanently forced in order to completely exclude the negative information component. The effect obtained is the emission of a clockwise rotating torsion field, which is then emitted by the mobile phone.

NOVIS DESK is designed to eliminate the negative influences of household and work equipment to which we are constantly exposed and to create a harmonization in its direct environment.

The polymer material introduced into the space between the cylinders is pre-exposed during the polymerization time to the effect of a specific generator of torsion fields, which enables polymer spin polarization. This is crucial to determine the protective properties of the device, although the natural fields of coaxially arranged cylinders are also partly used. As a result, the shaped static torsional field of the protective device is gr

eatly improved, thus increasing the protection efficiency. This protective device shall be mounted in the impact zone of the left-

hand torsional field monitor, preferably at the front part of the monitor, so that one of the ends of the device is directed normal to the optical axis of the monitor.

NOVIS HOME neutralizes the influence of torsional field radiation emitted by Wi-Fi routers, wireless networks and other devices commonly found in residential and working environments, as well as geopathogenic zones in homes, offices and other premises, thus protecting people from the harmful effects of torsional radiation. The device has a plastic housing with a built-in inverter and a network display. When the device is switched on, the inversion of the left torsion field to the right one is caused by the phase wire of the network. This leads to the formation of the correct torsion field, and as a feedback to such conditions there is a significant decrease in the torsion field radiation level of Wi-Fi and geopathogenic zones in the area where the above-mentioned phase wire is located. If NOVIS-HOME is switched in the opposite direction, the left torsion field is completely dissolved.

The fact that Wi-Fi networks are harmful to the human body is already being reported by the media, and recent studies by many scientists confirm these data. However, the problem of the harmful effects of this technology has practically never been discussed at the state level – constant debates on mobile network communication. Although there is a clear health risk from electromagnetic and torsional radiation from mobile devices, very few people feel compelled to do without such convenient means of communication. With regard to the extension of network coverage by 5G, the wireless technology, users again believe in their absolute safety. But this is not the case.

In an experiment with water, which was carried out by the Swiss scientist Stefane Cardinaux, the effect of NOVIS Home is also shown. The experiment was based on the assumption that water in various forms has the ability to store previously entered information of a torsion field. In the experiment, bottled water and tap water was exposed to the influence of a wlan router and subsequently exposed to the effect of NOVIS Home.

The following parameters were recorded: pH value, conductivity, total concentration of soluble impurities­ in water (mg/l), ROP – the reduction/oxidation potential of water, in mV. ­Measurements of these parameters were taken from the water samples before and after the influence of the Wi-Fi network­ and during the influence of NOVIS Home.

Table 1 shows that the water properties have changed significantly. The exposure time for water was 0.5 hours per day. The extension of the exposure time of water leads to a certain saturation of the values σ, TDS and ROP and the type of pH change depending on the properties of the water indicator.

From the data given in Tables 1 and 2, it is clear that the effect of the Wi-Fi system changes the basic physical properties of water. This in turn means that the Wi-Fi system influences the water and is able to influence the composition of all natural water-containing systems.

Type of water pH value o(μSm) TDS (mg/l) ROP (mV)
Bottled water before the influence of WiFi radiation 7.74 ± 0.02 148 ± 5 14 ± 5 +180


Bottled water before influence name after WiFi radiation 7.49 124 80 +240
Effect -0.25 -24 -14 +54

Table 1

Type of water pH value o(μSm) TDS (mg/l) ROP (mV)
Distillate (before) (1) 7.30 145 79 +215
Distillate (after) (2) 7.16 46 27 +215
­Effect of Wi-Fi +0.14 ±0.02 +99 ± 5 +49 ± 5 0 ± 10
­Drinking water (before) 7.27 604 335 +235
­Drinking water after (­exposure 4­ hours) 6.96 610 370 +250
­Effect of Wi-Fi -0.31 ±0.02 +6 ± 5 +35 ±5 +15 ± 10

Table 2

The NOVIS Home device neutralizes the influence of torsional field radiation from the Wi-Fi access point, router, wireless­ networks and geopathogenic zones in homes, offices and other premises, thus protecting people from the harmful effects of torsional radiation.

NOVIS CAR – To protect drivers and passengers from the negative effects of automotive electronics, the “NOVIS CAR” device designed by NOVIS is currently available, based on a standard adapter for various devices. The reversing unit is­ connected via an adapter to the ‘plus’ of the vehicle battery. ­This prevents the negative effects­ of the car electronics and the engine on the passengers and the driver. The application of this protection device considerably reduces driver fatigue and protects the driver from the negative effects of geopathogenic zones, structural objects surrounding the vehicle from which a left-turning torsion field emanates and the effects of the electronics in the vehicle.

NOVIS ROOM – NOVIS ROOM harmonizes torsion fields in rooms of up to 150 m². In the best case, it is placed centrally in a room. The harmonization occurs in the entire room and counteracts both influences which come from sources inside the room and influences which come from outside the room. It is the latest model in the NOVIS product family and is available since the end of 2019.

Due to its handiness and its constant passive action without any user intervention, it is the perfect travel companion.