an unnoticed part of our reality

Torsion-Field based technology

The research in a little noticed science brings up solutions to known diseases which are plaguing our society more and more.

Since the discovery of the Torsion-Felds, primarily scientists from Russia and Ukraine have been able to gain fascinating insights out of their researches. These help us to understand how Torsion-Fields affect our organism.

Out of these discoveries we have produced a technology that today enables us to protect ourselves from the negative effects of left-handed torsional Fields by
transforming them into positive dextrorotatory Fields

We developed this technology in a way that it can fit into our everyday lives.

Why you should live with Novis

Features of Novis devices

Communication is impossible without microwave radiation.
Maximum protection is provided by the right-handed
Torsion-Field Technology.

protects the
cardiovascular system

no impairment of
the blood-brain barrier

cell nuclei gets
protected of changes

immune system
gets strengthened

biochemical processes
like melatonin production
are staying in theirs
natural process

The product family

protect & improve yourself…you are not used of beeing really capable of your own abilities…experience yourself


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